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Formerly Encore! Dance Studio - 32 years studio owner experience


“Be a knockout for your wedding.”

*Relieve stress while getting in optimum shape.

*6 week program

*$85 per 6 week session

*Every bride who gets 5 brides maids to sign attends free. *Also available to grooms and groomsmen & friends/family.

*The weekly training session is where we will set personal goals and tailor your work out.

*This is not kick boxing. This is head to toe conditioning boxers use to stay in shape including flipping tires, hitting tires with a sledge hammer, punching heaving bags among many other techniques that will relieve stress and get you in shape.

*You will need to purchase your own gloves and hand wraps either on line or at a sporting goods store. Visits our Boxing page on our website for suggestions

*Personal Training (one on one) $30 per 1/2 hour session $50 per hour session

*Couples/Pairs $20 per person per 1/2 hour session

*Email [email protected] to book your Bridal Boxing Boot Camp.