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Formerly Encore! Dance Studio - 32 years studio owner experience

Frequently Asked Dance Questions:

Q: Can I watch my child during class?

A: At The Studio, we believe our classes are a great way of promoting independence, self-confidence, healthy peer friendships, self-discipline, and fun with structure while working on skills. We do not have parents in the classrooms on a regular basis nor do we have observation windows or monitors. We do however host Parent Observation Week the week before Thanksgiving where parents are invited to come in to our class rooms and observe their child's entire class. We feel that November is a good time where students have settled into their classes and have learned a good amount of technique to demonstrate for their parents. We also invite parents in for a sneak peak of recital dances closer to the end of the season.

Q: Do parents need to stay in the waiting room while their children are in class or can they be dropped off & picked up?

A: We ask that parents of young children who cannot independently go to the bathroom stay in the waiting room. If they have to go potty, we will bring them out to you so you can assist in bringing them to the bathroom. Other than that, you are welcome to wait in the waiting room or drop off/pick up. *Children under the age of 10 should not enter or exit the building without a parent or be left unattended in the waiting room.

Q: Do you have a recital and if so, does my child have to participate?

A: Yes, we have an annual recital typically the beginning of May. Participation in the recital is optional. The majority of our students do perform in the recital, but it is a personal choice. There is a $50 per family Recital Fee for those who participate in the recital. We focus on building skills and technique September through December. Recital routine choreography begins in January while continuing with skills and technique. 

Q: Does my child have to wear make-up for the recital?

A: Our students are required to wear theatrical make-up along with proper hair style, costume, tights and shoes in order to participate in the recital. Dance is an art. It is a performing visual art. It incorporates theater, stage and lighting. If your child is participating in the recital, they are required to wear stage make-up.

Q: I want to make sure my child is challenged. Can she go into an older class?

A: We have an age range per class. A student must have a birthday before January 1st and turn at least the lowest age of the listed age bracket to go in the class unless otherwise noted. Dancers are placed by age similar to school. There will always be levels within levels. Children progress differently within each class similar to children getting different grades in a class at school. We constantly observe individual dancers and dynamics within each class. If an instructor along with the director feel a child should be moved into a different age/level class, parents will be contacted directly. 

Q: What type of payments are accepted?

A: Cash, check, money order or online payments

Q: Are there make-up classes if my child is absent?

If it is just an occasional absence, there is usually not a need for a make up class. A dancer who only misses once in a while will usually get caught up in their next class. If a child has missed a significant amount and has fallen way behind, a private lesson can always be scheduled.

Q: Are classes made up when there's a cancellation?

A: The first class cancelled WILL NOT be made up per class per day. Any additional classes beyond that one cancellation, will be made up at a later date.